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Your healthcare provider has told you to lose weight, but where do you start? At Anew10, we start with a realistic goal. The benefits of losing just 10% of your weight have been documented by organizations such as the Obesity Medical Association and American College of Sports Medicine. Benefits are numerous and include improved energy levels, physical mobility, and self-confidence.
Anew10 was designed with diabetes prevention in mind to help you attain and sustain your weight loss goal. This isn’t a diet, it’s a wellness program that works. Developed by Dr. Rodney Voisine, the Anew10 program helps you Get There, Stay There, and Live There.

“As a physician and pharmacist, I understand the healing and preventative properties of food and believe that mental vitality, a healthy diet, and proper exercise will lead to “Whole Body Nutrition.” It’s simple: I created Anew10 so that you can live a healthier, more vital life.”

Dr. Rodney VoisineDr. Rodney Voisine
Founder of Anew10 health and weight-loss program

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What’s included in the Anew10 Program?

At the core of Anew10 is Dr. Voisine’s program manual – a comprehensive and rigorously tested weight management almanac covering the Anew10 basics, weekly modules and recipes, and action plans to get the weight off and keep it off.

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Also included:

  • Track your progress using the Anew10 mobile app!
  • For a limited time only, Anew10 members will have exclusive access to weekly webinars from Dr. Rodney and group discussions forum available on a private Facebook group – sign up by July 1st to get the full benefit of the physician-advised weight loss program.

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The 2019 Anew10 manual reviews program guidelines (“how to”) and learning modules based upon the Diabetes Prevention Program and Look Ahead studies. For a limited time only, the program and manual cost is $19.95 which includes shipping and handling.

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