Anew10 Classic Program

If enjoying a variety of different foods everyday is important to you, and you value preparing your own meals as another way of learning to eat healthier, the Classic Program is a good fit.  Some people have lost as much as 120 lbs on our Anew10 Classic program. Others are pleased to have lost those last 10 lbs they have struggled before to lose.

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Program features:

  • Individualized low to medium glycemic nutrition plan
  • A list of whole food serving selections you can purchase at any grocery store
  • Protein consumption with each meal allows you to stay comfortably full while losing weight
  • Detoxify in the first 3 days by eating all protein to induce ketosis, a normal metabolic process to burn fat
  • Small, frequent meals composed of a combination of lean proteins, vegetables and fruits so that you are always nourished and never hungry
  • Healthy fats and small amounts of whole grains are added selections as you achieve weight loss benchmarks
  • Meal plans, recipes, exercise recommendations, and suggestions to help with lifestyle modifications are offered in each visit. Appetite modification medication if indicated
  • One-on-one educational sessions will help you gain confidence to continue and maintain your weight loss.
  • Body composition analysis, blood pressure monitoring and B12 injection, when indicated, ensure optimal health while losing weight.
  • Lifestyle/behavior change visits on varied weight loss related topics
  • People participating in our weight loss program receive body composition and blood pressure monitoring to ensure they stay in optimal heath while losing weight. They also participate in lifestyle/behavior change visit, which covers nutrition, activity, and behavioral skills like stress management that can improve their ability to manage their weight in the future.
  • During the program, people will generally eat 5-7 times a day, depending on their calorie needs and activity level. Weight loss averages around 3 pounds a week for women and up to 4 pounds a week for men.



Anew10To Go!

Our ANew10… To Go! Telehealth & virtual visit program is designed for people who live out of the area or are just too busy to travel to our office. Anew10 virtual visits include video chat or phone call, whichever is most convenient for you. Along with the Anew10 app you have real time communication with your health coach.

Anew10 App

Studies have demonstrated people lose significantly more weight when used with an app, such as the Anew10 app. There are many weight loss programs focused on diets, which often fail due to weight gain after you stop the program. Our Health Coaches focus on your success and help you work towards your goal.

Bluetooth devices like Fitbit, Google Fit or Apple/Healthwatch transfer information to the Anew10 app which allows us to review your progress with you via a video chat or phone call. Additionally, our patient portal can send learning materials and exchange messages with you.

Our Anew10 app can be found on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

Purchase the 2019 Anew10 Manual

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The purchase of the printed 2019 Anew10 manual gives you access to an online Anew10 group discussion forum as well as the phone app. The 2019 Anew10 manual reviews program guidelines (“how to”) and learning modules based upon the Diabetes Prevention Program and Look Ahead studies.  The cost is $19.95 which includes shipping and handling.