Rodney Voisine, M.D. specializes in helping individuals with weight problems lose weight and live healthier lives. Additionally, with a solid background in medicine and anesthesiology he is uniquely qualified to offer pre-habilitation in preparing overweight individuals for surgery for better outcomes. His programs are customized for the needs and abilities of each patient. 


Board Certifications: American Board of Obesity Medicine, American Board of Anesthesiology

Dr. Voisine specializes in medical weight loss with emphasis on long-term weight control. His expertise includes not only medically supervised weight loss, but management of weight-related medical problems.

Education: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy (B.S.), State University of New York-Buffalo (M.D.)

Dr. Voisine understands no two individuals gained weight for the same reason and require individual weight loss programs. Medical issues like diabetes, thyroid issues, arthritis, sleep apnea, digestive issues and prescription medications along with emotional reasons – loneliness, stress, depression may contribute to weight gain. Conversely, Dr. Voisine understands that obesiy as a medical condition may precipitate illness including diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, cholesterol (lipid) disorders, and inflammation leading to muscle and joint pain. Obesity related pain management is of special interest to Dr. Voisine, having treated both acute and chronic pain patients with medical and interventional methods.


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Training:  Tufts New England Medical Center. University of Rochester –Anesthesiology & Critical Care.

American Society Bariatric Physicians Advanced Curriculum Program

Because obesity is a medical condition, Dr. Voisine promotes a lifestyle-medical emphasis on treating obesity but also supports surgical intervention (eg. gastric bypass or sleeve) when appropriate. Making the decision to lose weight can be difficult. Patients have often been contemplating which direction would be best for them but are unsure of the right choice. Evidence based research supports the fundamental base for long term successful weight loss is lifestyle modification. Dr. Voisine’s medically supervised weight loss program, Anew10, lays a strong supportive foundation for success.

 “Weight loss should not be difficult. It is a product of the change that occurs when a persons body composition evolves, like a decrease in body fat while maintaining muscle and skeletal health. Following evidence-based and scientifically sound practices allows me to focus on the cause of the problem which, in turn, leads to better weight loss. Introducing tools to help people keep the weight off and enjoy a healthier, more vibrant life contributes to our patients success.”

—Dr. Rodney Voisine, Founder of Anew10 medically supervised Weight Loss & Wellness