When you go to the grocery store two years from now, your favorite products may look a little different (at least if you’re still reading them like our office suggests). That’s because the FDA, our favorite federal oversight committee, recently approved changes in an effort give consumers the ability to make more informed choices (thanks, Michelle Obama). Food companies have until July 26, 2018, to apply the new label. It is important to note that the updated label in no way changes the nutritional value of foods.

One of the biggest changes is the adjustment of servings sizes. Serving sizes, by law, are required to reflect the amount that a person would normally consume in one sitting. I know what you’re thinking; no, a pint of ice cream is still not a single serving. But nonetheless, it is now three servings instead of four!

The entire list of changes can be seen here.

According to the FDA website, the new label:

  • “Features a refreshed design”
  • “Reflects updated information about nutrition science”
  • “Updates serving sizes and labeling requirements for certain package sizes”



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